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I. Freelance as the Future of Work

With this event, we want to bring about change. #Futureofwork and #freelancebusiness is on the same side of the medal. During this week, we will host talks about how the future of work is changing and will showcase cases of the organisations adopting new talent models and welcoming more freelancers in their corporate teams.
THURSDAY, 5 October
15:00 - 15:30 CET
Free ticket
The Future of work: embracing flexibility and the freelance mindset
Oluwatayo Winkunle, Principal Consultant, Techlytics

The session will focus on how the future of work is experiencing a profound cultural and socio-economic shift towards remote work and the freelance mindset, which is being reinforced by an increasing number of countries issuing digital nomad visas. The issuance of digital nomad visas is a significant development in the world of work, and it highlights the changing attitudes towards work and the growing importance of flexibility.

It will also touch on the importance of developing a strong personal brand and cultivating a diverse skill set to remain competitive in the changing world of work.
II. Starting a freelance business

Set of presentations and masterclasses about how to kick off your independent career. Whether you are only starting or need to rethink your freelance business, you will find inspiration and skill trainings to boost your marketing, sales, improve your networking skills, enhance your branding or simply hear personal stories and learn what you should avoid.
Monday, October 9
15:00 - 15:30 CET
Free ticket
Want to start a successful consulting business? Start with your Why, What, Who and How.
Laura Burford, Trusted Advisor | Author

Did you know that one of the most important actions a freelancer can take to ensure their success is often overlooked? That action is defining with clarity their Why, What, Who and How. You might hear them referred to as a freelancer's Focus, Ideal Client, and Service.

Laura Burford calls these aspects a Freelancer's Business Core. The reason a Freelancer's Business Core is so important is just about every decision and every action a freelancer takes to build their business relies on the clarity of the definitions. Included in the presentation are real-life examples, easy to do exercises, and access to downloadable handouts.

Walk away with a better understanding of how clarity as to a freelancer's focus, ideal client, and service can improve overall business performance, enhance client relationships, and increase consultant confidence.
Monday, October 9
18:00 - 19:00 CET
Paid ticket
Make the most of your freelance community
Yurii Lazaruk, Freelance community consultant
Monika Fischer, Mindset coach for solopreneurs
Travis Bennet, COO, Doerscircle
Elina Jutelyte, Founder, Freelance Business Community

Freelancing is not lonely if you are part of a community. Joining a freelance community has a number of benefits, but are you taking the full advantage of what communities have to offer?

In this session, we will talk about how to gain benefits from joining a community and more specifically how you can kick-start your freelancing career.
TUESDAY, October 10
15:00 - 15:35 CET
Free ticket
Transforming imposter syndrome self-doubts into superpowers
Adrian Ashton, International award-winning enterprise consultant
Jennifer Lemmert, Independent communications consultant

Imposter syndrome will kill your business - if you let it. Maybe you're new to freelancing, or you've been in the game for decades, but you're still struggling with believing in your unique value and how to put your best self forward.

But! What if you could reframe your self-doubt into a super-power?

This session will bust myths about imposter syndrome, explore how it's actually part of the human condition, and energise you to embrace your inner imposter to achieve your goals. Our speakers share their personal stories of launching their businesses and sustaining through challenges, while building their client rosters and freelancer communities. If you need strategies to let go of your self-defeating story and embrace a business owner mindset, this session is for you.
TUESDAY, October 10
18:00 - 19:00 CET
Paid ticket
Building a resilient freelance business
Host: Jennifer Lemmert, Independent communications consultant, Jennifer Lemmert, LLC
Elisabeth Graf, Founder IMMA Collective | Strategic design consultant | Creative Leader at Neol
Ermelinda Hajdari, Consultant, Mentor and Career Coach, AngLe Agency
Fabian Troeltzsch, Senior Business Coach at Fujitsu | Certified Business Coach for Founders and Freelancers

In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving world, freelancers need more than just skills and talent to succeed; they need resilience. In this dynamic and interactive session, experts will share practical strategies to build a resilient freelance business that can withstand the test of time, weather the storm of disruptions, and empower freelancers to achieve professional and personal growth.
WEDNESDAY, October 11
15:00 - 15:30 CET
Free ticket
Crafting your professional brand: how to build a portfolio that will get you hired
Fay Goldstein, Co-founder and CEO, Folio | Former Marketing Director in Venture Capital, Startups, and NGOs

Join this session to master the art of crafting a winning portfolio. Drawing from years of research and discussions with diverse hiring managers and freelance clients – spanning tech firms to creative agencies – and an in-depth review of countless portfolios, this session is your ticket to portfolio perfection.

Discover how to create and manage a portfolio that will showcase your skills and draw in potential clients. From choosing the right projects to include to crafting the perfect pitch, we'll cover all the essential elements of building a standout portfolio. You'll learn how to effectively communicate your unique value proposition, highlight your expertise, and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Whether you're a fledgling freelancer or a seasoned pro, this event is tailor-made for you. Don't miss this opportunity to learn and grow, regardless of where you are on your freelance journey.

WEDNESDAY, October 11
18:00 - 19:00 CET
Paid ticket
Efficient content marketing strategy for non-English speakers
Bozhidar Ivanov, Content Writer | Marketing Manager of Open Sofia and Tiger Technology
Virginia Katsimpiri, MA, eMBA, PhDc, Founder VTranslations | Business Strategist and Mentor at Fully Booked Translator Formula

Have you been posting content online, but you get 0 results? Would you like to create an efficient content strategy to attract your ideal clients or to increase engagement through your content?

During this session, panellists will reveal the key mistakes most professionals make when it comes to creating content and how to create a content strategy to thrive over the long-term. You will learn how to create content that converts into sales and get a step-by- step instructions on how to create a Content Marketing Strategy that will get you a steady flow of high-quality leads.

An extra bonus for non-native English speakers: This session will give you a crash-course to feel confident with your writing skills, if English is not your first language, and will help you not only be a better communicator online, but start creating written content for your business with ease!

THURSDAY, October 12
15:00 - 15:30 CET
Free ticket
Sales without "selling": business development for introverted freelancers
Reuben Swartz, Founder, Mimiran

Most freelancers love doing client work much more than landing client work, but we often accidentally make it harder on ourselves. In this session, participants will learn how to use positioning as a lever to make business development easier (and more fun), attract more referrals and web leads, have stress-free conversations, and create compelling proposals.

There's nothing wrong with referrals (and we'll talk about how to get more, better referrals), but we don't want to rely on word-of-mouth or chasing shiny objects on social media to get clients, when you already have the key ingredients you need to grow your business and maximize your impact.

The following questions will be answered:
  • How can introverted freelancers be effective at business development?
  • What is the importance of having a specific target market and niche?
  • What is the main mistake that freelancers make in sales and marketing?
  • How can freelancers use positioning to attract the right clients?
THURSDAY, October 12
18:00 - 19:00 CET
Paid ticket
Essential first steps in marketing for introverted freelancers
Jen Corcoran, Award-Winning LinkedIn Training | Trusted Advisor for Introverts, Empaths and HSPs | #1 Trusted Marketing Advisor UK and Top 10 Business Advisor UK
Ido Rann, Founder of Webbyness

In today's highly competitive freelance business landscape, there are thousands of freelancers and self-employed individuals who identify as introverts and on a shy side when it comes to promoting themselves. One may be discouraged about starting and marketing their own freelance businesses, fearing that they won't be able to compete with the outgoing, extroverted "alpha" players who seem to dominate the space. However, freelance business marketing is not about being ''the loudest in the room'' and in fact, introverts have more tools and opportunities now to showcase their expertise online.

As a web designer who stammers, our speaker, Ido Rann, knows first-hand how daunting it can be to put yourself out there when you don't fit the mould of a typical online marketer. And Jen Corcoran, known as "The Super Connector," the UK's most successful LinkedIn trainers is a shy introvert, who uncovered the power of LinkedIn to her advantage. When she was forced to step away from her corporate career, she decided to follow her intuition and true calling and help introverted, empathic and highly sensitive female consultants to attract and connect with their ideal clients.

In this session, experts will cover critical steps to start and promote your freelance business the right way, leveraging social media (LinkedIn) and will be able to receive an expert opinion about their website and LinkedIn profiles as well as will receive a free LinkedIn Profile Checklist.

You will also learn from a case study of a LinkedIn post that reached 133k views.
FRIDAY, October 13
15:00 - 15:30 CET
Free ticket
Secrets of writing blog posts that rank top on Google
Laiba Siddiqui, Freelance Technical Writer | Freelance Technical Writer at Splunk

In this session, Laiba will share the step-by-step recipe for crafting perfect blog posts that rank on Google. Don't expect fluff or that generic writing presentation. You'll dig deeper into all four steps of writing - research, outlining, writing, and editing.

This session will be helpful to all who can't afford premium writing courses to learn the actual secrets of the 1st-page ranking copy.

FRIDAY, October 13
18:00 - 19:00 CET
Paid ticket
Tough conversations made easy
Host: Ashley Ryall, Founder and Principal, UntapSocial | Communications Workstream Co-Lead at Open Assembly
Kritika Narula, Freelance journalist and content consultant | Consultant writer at
Peter Balog, Founder, | Chief Marketing Officer at DitchCarbon

Business relationships are not always a bed of pink roses. From time to time, we have very difficult conversations. Some of us are trained on how to handle pricing negotiations or rejections, but those who are still held back by potential customers questioning or criticizing your proposal and pricing, or are afraid to ask a customer for payment (or upfront payment) can suffer a negative impact on your freelance business. The good thing is that you can learn how to handle such situations with confidence.

Join this session where 3 freelance experts will discuss the matter, share experience and provide actionable tips to make your freelance business life easier and gain confidence in what you do and say to your customers in difficult situations.

We will specifically focus on pricing, handling objections and weeding out prospective clients who aren't a fit for your business..
III. Freelance business ecosystem
The celebration of the European Freelance Week #EFWeek

III. Growing Freelancing
Your next level of awesomeness. Like an athlete, you constantly need to push boundaries to achieve new heights: sharpen your mindset, learn how to avoid mental booby traps, be the best in your sales and marketing, learn growth hacking techniques and more... oh yes, stories of successes and failures to show that you are not alone in your struggles.

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